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12.Trudi Leidecker(non-registered)
Molly, I love the promotion photos. They will be a wonderful keep sake!!! Thank you. Blessings.
11.Molly Reimer Photography
I'd love to book a session for you, Cheryl. I'd be happy to do an all b/w session. Let me know what works best for you!
10.Cheryl Cummings(non-registered)
Well, I made it! Your site is lovely, Molly. Thank you for inviting me, I enjoyed it very much. More photos please! How do I book a session with you? Do you do B&W sessions? God Bless!
9.Becky Hacker(non-registered)
Thanks for inviting me to view your website. These are great photos Molly! You are really talented.
8.Michael & Ernestine Thomas(non-registered)
Molly, is wonderful! She was so patience with my lil guy. So thankful she captured our family at this time!
Thanks Molly! You rocked! :)
7.Mercy Ray(non-registered)
Molly took all the pictures for my daughters 2nd and 3rd birthday's. She has a wonderful eye for detail and finding the perfect shot. I love her unique style and laid back but profession approach. I will use her again when!
6.Jackie Weber(non-registered)
I think they're great, Molly! Based on Suzanne's comment, I'd be curious to see more.
5.Suzanne Ray(non-registered)
These are only a few of your wonderful photos. I'm not sure they show off your wonderful range and feel for your subject complelely enough.
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